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Old friends never disappear

Posted by ramsesoriginal on July 7, 2008

When he woke up, Estal was in Metilhab’s house. He was lying on the floor, and a bunch of people circled him. How long was he gone? Was it all a dream? He stood up, and still everything was immerged in deep silence. He looked and their faces, and realized that except Methilab all of them where part of the family.. why where they here? They should all be in theyr palace, at the bottom of the five-finger-mountain. And Methilab was.. smoking. From the smell he was defintely smoking weed. How could that be? In the presence of the kelha and the whole family? Methilab, the old, drunk, kelhi, smoking like a kelha? Now that he looked at him.. methilab didn’t look that old, witouth his hat and mantle..

The kelha suddenly stood up, went to the window, looked out and started speaking.

“Kelha, I hope that you are awere that in my presence you should only say the truth, and nothing but the truth? Because you know, if you lie, my revenge will be insane. So, what happend to the Ekills? Where are they?”

Estal was confused, but started to remember everything.. the kows!

“The kelha was bringing them back, when suddenly kows appered! The kelha then saw strange speaking humanoid beings, and started to flee, but the Ekils where faster. The kelha is sorry and asks for a debit punishment”

Methilab and the kelhi looked at each other, then the kelhi contiued:

“Well, are you shure you saw kows? Because if not, i am going to hang you in the Gran Roa!”

Estal was wondering what was happening, Methilab acting strange, the kelhi speking to him.. anyway, he answered:

“I grant it by the life of Eliga, there where kows adn strange beings. They spoke a strange dialekt, and asked to speak to “Ealderen”, and that they’re sorry for being late. Their leader claimed to be named Al’Areon, and they made, somehow, strange sounds like a Cryltump. I can’t remember more”

The reactions as Estal kept on talking where wery diversified. Methilab started loughing when Estal said dialekt, became serious when he heared Ealderen, and started laughing without being able to stop when he heared about the apology. The kelhi remained serious the whole time, and now looked immerged in toughts. The wife rised here eyebrows as he kept on going, and blushed when he mentioned Al’Areon, lightly smiling. Their bigger doughter Smiled the whole time, and when she heared about the strange sounds, she hopefully stared at here big brother, who just nodded while stil caressing his sword and smiling, at which she stood up and ran out of the room. The kelhis brother just looked angry at Estal, like it was his fault htat the sterangers where here, and when he heared the name Al’Areon, he nearly screamed. The rest of the family was divided in two groups: the older ones talked to each other, now that Estal finished talking, and the children looked as confused as Estal felt.

Methilab stood up, went to the kelhi, and said, lowering his voice:

“Änel, it’s time to reveal it”

Änel? Estal thought Methilab must have become really crazy, calling the kelhi by his name! like he would be at the same level! But instead of the indignation estal was expecting on the kelhis face, he just looked at Estal, and nodded. Then he went outside, coming back with two smoking pipes fileld with weed, and then offered one the the now completley stunned Estal. What was happening? He coulden’t belive anything that was happening! Estal nearly fell wehn he tried to crawl to the other corner of the small house. Methilab follewd him, and also the kelhi. Just as the kelhi was again offering his pipe to Estal, the door opened, and the being who called himself Al’Areon looked inside.


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