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Posted by ramsesoriginal on July 7, 2008

“Ealderen, how many years have passed since the last time I saw you”

After this cryptic, at least for Estal, words, Al’Areon came in their direction. But he passed the Kelhi and saluted Methilab in a strange way, after which he hugged him.

“Al’Areon, old friend. Two years are pretty long, apperntly!”

Then they both started laughing. Coudl it be? could Methilab.. no, that was impossible. Methilab was just a old, crazy, drunk kelha. Or wasen’t he? Estal suddenly realized that Methilab appeared higher, stronger and somehow.. younger. And he spoke the same dialect as the Alligeri. When he tought this, suddenly he remembered where he already heared that name: one of his first adventures with Eilga was it to try to learn to read. Methilab helped them, and they found an old scroll in a cave, but it was all burned, and you could only read four words:

wait for the Alligeri

Suddenly he realized all the Ekills that where outside, mixed with the kows, and thousands of this strange beings covering the hill behind. He couldn’t understand where all the kows and the beings hidden for the past years.. Estal turned around and found everyone starring at him (except for the kelhi’s wife, who passed out). The kelhi looked at Methilab, then at Al’Areon, back to Estal and started:

“Well, as you probably understood, Ealderen hides here.” Wait.. what did he say? Theres a Ealderen here? He looked at Methilab, who just stood there, and looked stronger and younger then ever.

“Estal, take the pipe. sit down. Al’Areon, Ealderen, come here, everyone else, get out to greet the Alligeri”. Methilab and Al’Areon came, and sat down. Without thinking, Estal accepted the pipe, and started to smoke his first weed. He just couldnt belive it.. Methilab was this Ealderen person? No way!

“Estal, listen, listen carefully. Al’Areon here is a old friend of Ealderen, or Methilab, as you know him. All he told you, all the stories, tales and legends, the palces, the animals.. that was all true. ok, I think that’s pretty shokign to hear, but there’s something outside the valley. In fact, the Valley is just a really really smallvalley on a really small island in this gigantic World. And there’s more: you are Ealderen’s nephew, the rightful leader of the Alligeri.”


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