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Don’t trust the appearance

Posted by ramsesoriginal on June 29, 2008

Alligeri.. Estal already heared this name before.. but when? The first of the strangers took out a incredibly long and complicated horn, and put it to his mouth. He took a deep breath, and started to make a loud and deep noise. Suddenly the animals that seemed kows started to split in two groups, leaving a small passage open. On the horizon, thousends of this alligeri appeared, all riding on mighty horses. They all where clothed in shiny metal, and wielded all the same long, recurved swords. They also had some strange curved sticks in their backs. The stranger with the horn presented himself as “Al’Areon, first of the Alligeri”.

Estal got panic, turned around and ran down to the house of Metlihab. He just heared the Aliigeri lough, but he yelled, screamed and cried until he reached his house. Methilab was outside, lying in the grass, with a jar of wine. When Methilab heared the noise Estal made, he stood up, went in his direction and said:

What’s this noise, Estal? Didn’t I explained that with this noise you’ll attract the kows?

Estal nearly passed away, then he caught himself, and brablled confuesed words. But he managed, somehow, to calm down a bit, adn just said:

I saw the kows!

Then he definetly passed away.


One Response to “Don’t trust the appearance”

  1. John said

    This is really amazing information.

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