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Posted by ramsesoriginal on June 8, 2008

Suddenly Estal heared a bang. Followed soon by two others. And then even others. He promptly tried to run away, fearing this strange thunders, but the ekills where faster then him, and ran away, back to the top of the grasses. There he was: Estal, the kelhi, standing alone in the middle of a open sport, and thousands of kows in front of him. His heart began to sound similar to the Cryltump of Metlihab, and he thought that he was going to die soon.

Right when he was trying to take breath so that he could scream, two .. humanoids, coverd with some sort of long clothes, and they.. they.. they spoke! Estal could barely understand what they spoke, they spoke a strange dialect, but he could nunderstand what they said. They greeted him. They greeted him! Like he would be some sort of kelha.. and then they asked him how they could get to Milubumpe. Milubumpe.. thats exactly how Metilhab calls the Valley when he speaks of the old times! Estal told the strange beings that logically they where in the Valley, and then the strangers, after having confirmed this, said:

“We are the Alligeri.. we are sorry for being late.. can we speak to Ealderen?”


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