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Kows? In the Valley?

Posted by ramsesoriginal on September 7, 2007

Estal was, as every evening, bringing back the ekills to his house. He could walk the whoule way with closed eyes: down the grass until the road, then through the Cave Forest, across the bridge over the Gran Roa, and then down to the Valley. He down the same path walks every day , every evening, with his kelha’s ekills.

This was no special day, a day like each other. The clouds on top of the five-finger-mountain where getting bigger, probably it was going to rain during the night. Estal was happy that his kelha allows him to sleep with the ekills: he heared that kelhas often force their kelhi to sleep outside. Obvoiusly in a story: he could not imagine other kelhi besides himself. How could there exist something outside the valley?
Thinking about how ridiculous it is to think that you can leave the valley, he started downwards. It was a week since he last saw Eilega, so he hoped that today he would meet her today. Where is she beeing all the time?
Suddenly, he heared bells, but neither the usual ekill bells, nor the temple bell: much deeper bells. And much more bells. In fear he stopped. After some seconds of panic, he searched for a place to hide: but he didn’t found anything. So he simply lied down, and hoped that whatever was the cause of this bell-ringing, wouldn’t see him. But the bells became slowly louder and louder. He couldn’t hold it anymore, he wanted to see what kind of bells could make a sound like that. And the he saw it…

Kows. Hunderds of kows. O at least he tought that it was kows: until ten seconds before, he imagined that cows are only a invention of Metlihab to scare him. But this animals looked exactly like Metilhab described them: Big, Brown, with to horns, like a really big ekill but without the hair and with smaller ears. First he feared for his life: this terrible monsters where certanly going to kill him as soon as they saw him. Then he noticed that something was… wrong with the cows. They.. they.. they ate grass!

But his primary question now was: where did the kows come from?


One Response to “Kows? In the Valley?”

  1. isethoriginal said

    interessante come storia… come continua?

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