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Abenu – The Blog

Posted by ramsesoriginal on April 23, 2007

This is going to be the official Blog about Abenu. It will be the Interface between the Abenu creators and the world. In this blog we are going to speak about the lore, about the art, about the languages, about the comics of Abenu and much more.

For now, this blog will focus on the Game, since it’s the actual project of the Abenu Team.

So, probably, you are just wondering, “What teh heck is this Abenu???”. Well, the answer.. will come in some time. For now, just follow the blog and hope in some news. We will try to collect as much information as possible in this blog, and in the next days, it will be in the focus of our attentions. So stay tuned!

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One Response to “Abenu – The Blog”

  1. sxlext said

    looking forward to hearing some news about that story. in fact i hardly know anything… :-/
    and remember: if you might need help, i’m always there, ok?

    p.s.: nice blog-style 😉

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